10 Useful JavaScript Methods When Programming For Beginners


1. How to get all possible combinations of (string) elements inside of an array: function scramble(arr) {if (arr.length < 2) { return arr } return arr.flatMap((el, i) => {const sub = arr.filter((_, j) => i != j)return scramble(sub).map(el2 => el+el2)})}console.log(scramble([“a”, “b”, “c”, “d”]));//[‘abcd’, ‘abdc’, ‘acbd’,’acdb’, ‘adbc’, ‘adcb’,’bacd’, ‘badc’, ‘bcad’,’bcda’, ‘bdac’, ‘bdca’,’cabd’, ‘cadb’, ‘cbad’,’cbda’, ‘cdab’, ‘cdba’,’dabc’, […]

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Elementor Pro Review – Creating a Site With the #1 Page Builder


  Elementor allows WordPress users to create and edit their websites via a drag and drop interface, with a built-in responsive mode. Specifically, I used Elementor to build the In-Home Care St Louis website in about a week. It’s a pretty straightforward drag-and-drop page builder with a wide variety of widgets that are specific to Basic, Pro, General, Site, Single, […]

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